Day by Day in the Universe

by Fonz Whaler

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released May 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Fonz Whaler Brisbane, Australia

Fonz Whaler is the toasty musical loaf of Brisbane's own Tom Kak, baked up in his brain oven.

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Track Name: Sadie, Sadie
Bluer than blue,
Could you summon any common monster,
Honour, bewilder and ponder,
Over yonder is the future's newer wonder

Plunder dearer lover,
under summers summit,
plummits from the astral caring,
longing for the catastrophe,

Finger atrophe,
Sew a seed,
Hold the fuse,
Lift up socially,
or trip tips over me

Passing over other under over lovers,
freaking feeling, cheering, weather blearing,
heart clearer, spearing either renessaince
long distance, working on the freelance,
Taking a chance, masterclass, passing fast,

Part and parcel of your expectations segregated nature.

Hand goes over chest
it's time to take a rest
a new sensation passes through my head.

Hand over chest
Have a rest
Leave the nest
Take your overall zest
and make the best of your situation

Fine location,
Sunny nation,
Bueno education,
Low inflation,
Stationed in a mindset.

Of busting out a better result,
than passing time behind a counter,
or behind a desk,
so set yourself up better than the rest,
hold breath,
pulse check,
next step,

Grab the rails, propel forward and mind the ledge.
Track Name: Tuesday Morning Sunshine
If you blister
From your purgatoried torso

When you're sitting in the silence,
Man you might as well be dead.

When you're sitting in the silence,
Man you might as well be dead,
A new sensation passes through my head,
An explanation of elation fastens to its death.

And either potions notion token blows a little breath,
Before it laughs it out and smarts about its utter fascination with human nature,
and the soul express.

And to the unadulterated,
A million thoughts are passing through my head,
And when you're sitting in the silence,
Boy you might as well be dead.
Track Name: The Art of Happiness (feat. JayCee)
I could be blown up into pieces any minute
But that'd just bring me closer to the universe beginning
Big talk of big bangs, hangs with the dead and living
Outside the lines, the confines which I was given

Supposed to be for gods but then what makes me any different
Supposedly these marks are the scars of previous visits
Aliens who aided as saviors of solar systems
Whose job is consoling species as they die

Or maybe there is no great meaning in the ground or in the sky,
Maybe we are alone here,
Maybe we just reside
On a floating spec of dust, in retrospect that's not enough,
I search for meaning, but the meaning's gonna find me here I trust.

I just adjust the course,
Enjoy the ride (enjoy the ride)
Righteously devoid of any preference when I write,
So I preface by explaining that I die, the second that I live,
That's duality, the black and white split.
Track Name: Baby, Come to Me
Baby come to me
I'm the only one you need
I said baby come, to me
Yeah it's me,
And it's you

I can't get over
My expectations
Of elation
It's a matter of fact

It's a matter of fact,
It's a matter of, fact.